Bourne Prices

Dog vaccinationFirst coursefrom £39.00
Dog vaccinationBooster£24.50
Cat vaccinationFirst course (standard)£31.00
Cat vaccinationFirst course (with leukaemia)£50.00
Cat vaccinationBooster (standard)£19.00
Cat vaccinationBooster (with leukaemia)£31.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: Up to 10kg£95.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 10kg to 20kg£105.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 20kg to 30kg£115.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 30kg to 40kg£125.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 40kg to 50kg£150.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 50kg+£190.00
Dog neuteringSpay: Up to 10kg£130.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 10kg to 20kg£155.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 20kg to 30kg£170.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 30kg to 40kg£200.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 40kg to 50kg£230.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 50kg+£270.00
Cat neuteringCastrate£30.00
Cat neuteringSpay£43.50

* Inguinal (retained) testicles are charged at the normal castrate price with extra procedure time added on.