Who’s who at Alder Veterinary Practice

Julian Metcalfe MRCVS

Clinical Director – Veterinary Surgeon

imageI joined Alder Vets in 2016 after spending some time as head vet in a large 20 vet practice in South Wales. However I have lived in South Lincolnshire for the last 15 years and when the opportunity arose I decided to ‘come home’. My main fields of interest lie in general surgery with a bias towards orthopaedics. I qualified in 1987 and have spent all my 28 years in first opinion general practice. I have been married to Caroline for 23 years and we have 2 German Shepherd Dogs, Solo and Ginny, and 3 horses Markus, Wink and Wink’s newly born baby in March this year, Promise.

Wayne-SmithWayne Smith MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I qualified from Liverpool University in 1982. I worked for six years at the Alder Veterinary Centre in Liverpool before buying and managing the practice, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about small animal medicine and surgery.

I opened the Spalding practice in 1997 with my wife Anne and have continually enlarged and improved the surgery since then, with taking over the Bourne Practice in Jan 2015.

My wife and I have 5 children, 7 dogs, 14 cats, 7 horses, 30 guinea pigs, 6 chickens, 2 rats and 2 tortoises.

Life is certainly busy!

Deirdre-WilsonDeirdre Wilson MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Deirdre has been a member of the team at Alder Vets since August 2012. She spends much of her time consulting and operating on the various patients that visit the surgery, but is also responsible for overseeing the nurses’ training and supervision.

Deirdre’s favourite part of her job is operating and repairing damaged tissues, and she has a special interest in orthopaedics. Aside from surgery, she also enjoys seeing and assessing reptiles that come into the practice.

At home, Deirdre has a variety of pets – her dog holly, Charlie the tortoise and various stick insects all called Sticky!

Sylwia-KogutSylwia Kogut MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Sylwia has worked at Alder Vets since January 2007. Her daily routine mostly includes consulting with patients and carrying out surgical procedures. Her favourite part of the job is when a patient’s treatment has a successful outcome and good prognosis, and the owners are invariably happy and relieved too!

Sylwia has a particular interest in soft tissue surgery, and also enjoys looking after any hedgehogs that come in requiring treatment. At home she has lots of her own animals to take care of: a Leonberger called Sophia, a blind cat called Sneez, two cockatiels called Igor and Ivan, and three sulcata tortoises – Rodrig, Shiva and Shakti!

Hetty Van HasselHetty Van Hassel DVM MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Hetty’s main interest is in soft tissue surgery and she is currently working on her small animal surgery certificate. She qualified from Utrecht in the Netherlands and has been working in the UK since 2003. Hetty has been working as a locum vet for Wayne for about 4 years as well as working at several other practices; one of which treated the queens dogs!

Hetty has several animals of her own including 5 dogs, 2 cats, 4 sheep and a horse.

ChiaraChiara Di Giorgi DVM MRCVS Post Grad Dipl IAWEL.

Veterinary Surgeon

Chiara graduated in Italy in 2006 and worked as a reproductive and equine vet for 5 years in Italy and in the UK. After volunteering in Morocco she moved to Britain to start the MSc in animal welfare with law and ethics at Edinburgh university achieving a certificate and a post graduate diploma. This changed her vision in the veterinary profession towards animal welfare and she started her small animal veterinary career 3 years ago working in Kent and London. After busy city life she decided to move to enjoy a bit of countryside with her partner Joe, cat Pipino and her 2 chinchillas; Salt and Pepper.
Outside of work she enjoys cooking (and eating!), travelling, hiking and biking in the countryside. Her aim in the near future is to start the certificate in internal medicine and to continue her research and education in regards to animal welfare.

Charlotte-BrettCharlotte Brett

Student Veterinary Nurse

Charlotte is currently in her third year at the Royal veterinary college completing her veterinary nursing degree. She started her training with us in 2014 at the Spalding practice and now works in both branches.
At home she has four cats, Aztec, Inca, Mayan and Cortez as well as a family owned horse named Rosie.
Outside of work she enjoys swimming, piano and is a big fan of game of thrones. She also spends time painting, to sell them in a shop in Wales.

Katie Flintkatie

Animal Nursing Assistant

Katie joined Alders in 2017 and has been working in practice for 14 years. Katie enjoys inpatient care, surgical nursing and meeting you and your pets at reception. In her spare time Katie enjoys spending time with her young family.

Danielle-GrayDanielle Gray RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Head Nurse in Bourne

Danielle had been nursing for more than six years before she joined the team at Alder Vets in 2014. Much of her work time is spent looking after inpatients, anaesthetising patients for surgery, reception duties, keeping the practice clean and presentable and managing other nurses on the team.

Danielle has her own hand-reared cat called Betty, who is “full of her own self-importance”, and a terrier called Bertie.

Sophie-HandSophie Hand

Nursing Assistant

Sophie joined Alders in November 2014. The favourite aspect of her job is meeting and greeting clients and getting to know their pets.

At home Sophie has a VERY noisy cocker spaniel called Ollie and a cat called Toby. She has a great love of cocker spaniels and hopes to add a new one to her family very soon.

Robin Holman

Animal Nursing Assistantrobin

Robin is an animal nursing assistant working mainly in the Bourne practice and joined Alders in 2017. She has a boxer dog called Darwin and in her spare time she enjoys cooking and horse riding. Robin spends a lot of time in practice nursing inpatients back to health and finds this extremely rewarding, she also enjoys surgical nursing.

Sally-TwellSally Twell

Practice Manager

Sally has worked at Alder Vets since 1997, although took a brief break to have her children. Her days mainly consist of general administration round the practice, including reception duties, nursing and ordering replacement stock. Her favourite part of her work is greeting and chatting to the clients as they bring their pets in for appointments, and following up on the progress of each one.

When asked to list any animals she has at home, Sally cited her two cats Sparkle and Suki, her elderly Westie Alfie….and her three children – Savannah and twins Edie and Ava!

Zoe-ReeveZoe Reeve RVN AMInstLM

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Zoe started her nursing career in 2004 and joined Alder Vets in 2008. Her days mainly consist of assisting in theatre, anaesthetising animals for procedures, inpatient care and reception duties. Zoe is also a clinical coach and enjoys training nurses in practice. Her favourite aspects of her job are looking after the patients, following up on cases and rehoming stray and injured cats from the surgery. Zoe’s love of cats is evident as she has three of her own at home, Egbert, Edna and Hilda.

Hayley Coleman RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Head Nurse in Spalding

Hayley started her nursing career in 2009 and has a special interest in exotics and emergency care.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as looking after an assortment of animals including four dogs, three cats, five rabbits, two tortoises and six snakes.

Griselda-WinnGriselda Winn MSc

Senior practice administrator

Griselda has worked for the practice since 2005. Her previous background was in science and teaching. She works as an administrator and receptionist, and assists with nursing duties. Griselda has a particular interest in behaviour, especially feline behaviour and is currently studying in this area and is a provisional member of the APBC. She has dogs and cats of her own and is involved with Cats Protection outside of work time.