Dog vaccinationFirst coursefrom £39.00
Dog vaccinationBooster£24.50
Cat vaccinationFirst course (standard)£31.00
Cat vaccinationFirst course (with leukaemia)£50.00
Cat vaccinationBooster (standard)£19.00
Cat vaccinationBooster (with leukaemia)£31.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: Up to 10kg£95.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 10kg to 20kg£105.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 20kg to 30kg£115.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 30kg to 40kg£125.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 40kg to 50kg£150.00
Dog neuteringCastrate: 50kg+£190.00
Dog neuteringSpay: Up to 10kg£130.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 10kg to 20kg£155.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 20kg to 30kg£170.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 30kg to 40kg£200.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 40kg to 50kg£230.00
Dog neuteringSpay: 50kg+£270.00
Cat neuteringCastrate£30.00
Cat neuteringSpay£43.50

We appreciate how stressful it can be bringing your pet in for a surgical procedure. We always offer the option for you to stay with your nervous or anxious dog on the day. Please let us know if you would like to do this when you call us to make the appointment and we will ensure you are given the correct details to make your pet’s procedure go as smoothly as possible.