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Geriatric Wellness Checks

Our older pets are good at hiding problems

If you have a dog or cat that’s 8 years old or older, then why not consider booking them in for our geriatric check.

When dogs and cats become older they can suffer from a number of problems; arthritis, dental disease, kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease to name just a few.

Our older pets are also very good at hiding these problems from us so it’s important to get them checked out regularly by a veterinary surgeon.

We are offering for only £60:

  • A full consultation with an experienced veterinary surgeon
  • A urine test
  • A dry eye test (if applicable)
  • A blood test which gets sent to an external laboratory which will pick up any kidney or liver problems, hypo/hyperthyroidism, diabetes and other abnormalities your pet may not be showing signs of yet