Nurse Clinics

Bespoke tailored advice about your pet’s healthcare

Our specialist nurse clinics provide you with bespoke tailored advice about your pet’s healthcare

When it comes to your pet there are a lot of elements involved in keeping them healthy and happy. In many cases, any problems may not be immediately obvious and a little professional advice can go a long way.

That’s why we provide a number of nurse clinics here at Alder Vets, offering a variety of advice and tips to help you keep your pet in the peak of health.

Physical Examinations – Our nurses can examine pets to ensure they are in the best possible health and not experiencing any obvious physical problems. These appointments are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your pet’s behaviour or state of health, or voice any concerns or observations you may have.

Diet & Weight Clinics – If your pet struggles to maintain an appropriate and healthy weight, you are invited to bring them along to one of our weight management clinics. A member of our nursing team will weigh your pet regularly and advise you on a suitable diet for them to help with their situation, whether they’re over or under their ideal weight.

Post-operative Checks – It’s important for any pet that has undergone surgery to have regular appointments in the days and weeks afterwards to ensure that they are healing well and any pain is being managed appropriately. No matter how minor their procedure, our nurses are always happy to assess any of our patients to ensure they’re recovering properly and getting back to normal.

Suture Removal – If your pet has had stitches for an injury or after surgery, we always invite them back for follow-up appointments to make sure they are recovering well and that the wound is healing nicely. Eventually they will need to have their stitches removed, which can be done with minimal discomfort by one of our skilled vet nurses.